I want to say something about our relationships but I am tangled between the concepts that will define us in the future.  And when I say us I say the We that I have claimed and conquered before. The We defined only by sickness but also above sickness. A clue: Family. Diagnosis is still a mystery. The We in and out of Brain as it is in and out of memory as it is a cumule of blood and cells that die and resurge in an ever present circle. I want to say that I am claiming something when I claim that the We is not a master but a host. A set of species with the same DNA being passed over generation after generation to make meaning out of bones that will break because that is the one and the only thing that bones can do when left uncontrolled.

Let us say that Brain cannot know when the We is breaking.

I want to say something but something is the system and the language and the spaces in which there is no more room to create a coefficient.