Talk to Brain and the We will be present in the interaction.

Brain decides over the We.
Brain rules over the We.
Brain is always in need of the We.

The formula is as follows:

Brain despises the We and whatever it entails, so Brain has decided to smile and smash the meaning out of that coefficient of relationship.

Coefficient of relationship being the measure of the degree of consanguinity or biological relationships between two individuals.

Brain sits inside the We four times controlling the shapes and the manners, building the meaning out of those four spaces. Working within the biological relationships between two individuals and the links and dead ends that four of those can create. A labyrinth or that kind of mathematical relation that rules on the laws of randomness in the spaces the We inhabits. The spaces we have come to call the We. The spaces we call our bodies and the frictions and the skins and the dead cells falling off outside our everydays.