This is where you start, in the space in which I will imagine the We. Playing. Throwing a dice
and going backwards because there is no other way to go when conjured to solve a riddle.

This is the coordinate which will mark the starting point:
20°39′ 58» N 103°21′ 07» W.
A clue: This is the city where one of the us died. One of the We. Family. That kind of memory.
Where you would know our secret: This is the We that is not made for collectivity.

A clue: This is the We that shares three things: Blood. Brains. Diagnosis.

This is where blood comes from.             This is where Brain comes from.
Diagnosis is still a mystery.

This is the start. This is where We. Where We repeat. Where We connect. Where We pause and see us really as what We are.

Nothing but a word.