This is for you. Take out pen and paper. Breathe. Now answer this short quiz.

    1. If when centrifuged, three layers are visible in blood, how many layers would be visible in the centrifuged We, if We are the creatures without limits in the flesh that claims us as family?
      2. How many layers inside names or hands or movements?
      3. How many layers inside the word Family, if We are the creatures who return to the beginning over and over to make something real out of our bodies?

      4. If to centrifuge means to use centrifugal force to separate substances or parts of substances, then what kind of substances is the We made of?


A clue: To separate the layers of the We, think of distance. Bring the coordinates. Think of bodies. Bring the coordinates. Think of memories. Bring the coordinates.

Then erase them.

5. When the coordinates are centrifuged, Where would We begin if We were to forget that?