This is the coordinate which will mark the finishing line:
19 33’43»N 97 14’31»W.
A clue: This is the city where one of the us was born. One of the We. That kind of memory. The beginning of what one would consider some history.
Our stories.
An upside down race, backwards, through the disconnection of the axons.

Say, an upside down history. A backwards concept. Retrogenesis enacting a race through electric currents inside the porosity of the neurons.

This is where We will figure that Brain is an erosional ground. A place of parasitism.

An entity of its own inside the body that holds it.
An entity of its own despite the body that keeps it.

Brains have been known to be cannibals.

A clue: We are the creatures whose cells swim backwards inside our flesh. Retro. As in the action that is directed backwards. Retro. As an imitation of the past.